Math 6

Welcome to Math 6!

Welcome to Mathematics 6 with Mr. Kempski at All Saints Regional Catholic School. In this course, you are going to think critically, acquire new skills and solve real- life problems. The 6th grade mathematics course is divided into these units:

  1. Whole Numbers and Decimals

  2. Fractions

  3. Rational Numbers
  4. Ratios and Rates

  5. Percents

  6. Units of Measure

  7. Algebra: Expressions

  8. Algebra: Equations and Inequalities

  9. Algebra: Relationships Between Variables

  10. Area

  11. Surface Area and Volume

  12. Data Displays and Measures of Center

  13. Variability and Data Distribution

 Remember: always do your best and have fun learning!

Check the 6th grade homework calendar for homework, tests, quizzes, and other important dates!

Extra help is offered once a week.

Please check the homework calendar (on Friday or Saturday) each week for a video review of what's been covered that week.

Try the POW each week to earn extra credit!!