First Grade Religion

Jesus with children
Welcome to First Grade Religion!

Wednesday, March 28th is a NOON DISMISSAL!  
Thursday, March 29th (Holy Thursday) is 11:00 DISMISSAL!

Lent folders are to be completed every day.
Lent folders will be collected after Easter vacation.

The children wrote Lent promises in class.  These will be posted in school to help the children remember what they decided to do and to encourage everyone to try and do his or her best to keep it.  I encourage you to ask the children what they promised and please help him or her try to achieve the goal.  A copy will be placed in the Lent folder.

The children have a Lent folder.  Inside will be different activities.  The Lent folder should come to school each day.  The Lent folder will be collected after Easter vacation, so please make sure you keep it in a safe place.  Please do not allow your child to "go ahead" on these projects. The children should be doing it each day to help make Lent more meaningful. 

One activity will be to walk the path with Jesus.  Each day the children should color a box to correspond with the day of Lent.  Monday-Saturday should be purple.  Sundays of Lent should be colored pinkHoly Thursday should be yellow, Good Friday should be redHoly Saturday should be blackEaster Sunday should be either yellow or pink.  The rest of the pictures should also be colored before the page is handed in after Easter.

Another activity will be a daily Lenten calendar (40 Crosses for Lent).  The children should color the cross for the day according to the code at the top of the paper.  If your child does more than one activity each day, he or she should choose which was more meaningful or special.  This activity is meant to help your child decide what the most meaningful choice was for each day.  Sundays are represented on the paper.  Your child should be able to explain why Sundays "don't count" in the 40 days of Lent (I encourage you to ask them to tell you).  I would love for the children to do an activity on the Sundays also, but technically it is not required.  The money collected from our recycled water bottles will continue to be added to a donation jar I have in the classroom.  We will continue to use any money collected to purchase food for the food pantry.

The children will have a Stations of the Cross coloring book. It is due back with the Lent folder the first day after Easter vacation.

Over the Easter break the children will have another project.  It will be sealed in an envelope that is only to be opened on or after Easter.  We will add it to the folder right before the break.

Thank you for your help and support.  Have a blessed day!

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