Grade 2-- Religion--2018-2019

We will be studying Unit 2 "The Best Version of Yourself" We will learn about the importance of the TenCommandments and how important it is to follow them in order to be happy. God is willing to give us another chance and a fresh start through Reconciliation.  God wants us to become great decision makers.  To resist sin and temptation and to understand that we all sin at times but to understand their family, the priest, and, the Church are all here to help.


 Dear Parents,

Welcome to Second Grade Religion Class!  I am looking forward to teaching your child Religion this year!   This year we have a new religion textbook, which includes a short animated story for each new topic.  I am looking forward to implementing this new and updated curriculum with the second graders.  There are two textbooks one will prepare the second grade for their First Reconciliation and the second book will prepare the second grade for their First Holy Communion.

This year will be a continuation of your child's growth in their Catholic Faith as they  prepare for the Sacraments of their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. The second grade curriculum is an introduction to Bible stories and teachings of the Faith. 
I am very excited to be working with our Canons and Mrs. Fitzgerald to enrich and be a part of your child's growth and faith as they learn more about Jesus, the Church, and prepare for their First Holy Communion.

You can always contact me by email, a note, or by leaving a message with the office when you have a question or would like to speak to me.  I am looking forward to working with you this year to ensure that your child has a great year in the second grade.


Mrs. DiCaprio