8th Grade Music

8th Grade Music

8th Grade students will be working on advanced music theory concepts, history and sociology of music, sight-reading, and singing. All students will perform in the Spring Festival of the Arts on June 7th. This is the Final Exam for this class and is mandatory. It constitutes 60% of their 3rd trimester grade. Please mark it on your calendars now, as NO MAKEUP will be given for this Final.

There are 2 projects this year:

1. Students are to read a Biography of a musician or composer. Students must have the book approved by October 18, 2018. A report will be due by January 18th. They will receive an overview of the criteria for the report at the time they bring the book in for approval. I strongly urge the use of the Public Library in obtaining the book used for this report.

 2. Students must attend a Concert or Musical and then write a report.
Students must inform me of the Concert/Musical choice by October 18, 2018. This may not be changed. This is due by March 1st. Again, students will receive an overview of the criteria for the report. School musicals or concerts or musicals performed at amusement parks or cruise ships may not be used. The performance must be seen between Sept. 1st, 2018 and the due date. I urge you to check out the Public Libraries on Long Island for concerts. Use the online event calendars of the various libraries to see what might be available. These are free to all! Students are encouraged to complete their attendance at performances prior to January and to complete and turn in their reports early! It is difficult to complete this project if they wait until the last few weeks.

An important reminder: No child is permitted to enter back into a classroom after dismissal. This is not a new policy. Perhaps some have merely forgotten. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Ms. Fran permit a child to go back to a classroom once dismissal is completed. Please advise your child.