3rd Grade Music

‚Äč3rd Grade Music

The students will develop the voice and body as instruments of musical expression. They will use body movement to internalize sounds. They will discover how songs, singing games, and dances relate to the various cultures in the community. The students will play instruments (Soprano Recorders) as a means of musical expression. They will be able to perform independently or with others with expression, a steady and accurate beat, and correct rhythm and melody patterns on a variety of simple instruments, including hands and feet. The students will perform in the Spring Festival of the Arts on Friday, June 7th. This Concert is the Final Exam for 3rd Grade and is mandatory. There is NO MAKEUP for this Exam.
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On this page you will see subpages:
-Calendars for Recorder Practice
-Music for 3rd Grade Recorders
-mp3's for 3rd Grade Recorders

Please download the material in each of these pages. The Calendars and the Music should be stapled into your child's notebook. The mp3's are to be used for home practice.
Your child should practice 6 days per week and 5 to 10 minutes per practice period. This is to be recorded on the calendar. For example: If your child practices 5 minutes on Thursday, Sept. 21st, he or she should write in "5 minutes". You must initial every day your child practices. Your child will be turning the calendar in every week during class time to me for a grade. Please make sure that your child is keeping up. Children who fall behind hold up the rest of the class. Your child will feel a strong sense of accomplishment when he or she receives a star for a job well done! 
It is extremely important that your child bring home their notebooks and recorders for practicing. This, however, can create a problem. They often do not remember to bring their notebook and recorder back to school on Music Class days. I strongly urge you to purchase an additional recorder that may remain at home. Children who attend class without their materials receive a "0" for the day. This can be a problem. Please help your child to meet with success in Music Class. This will be a great year!

An important reminder: No child is permitted to enter back into a classroom after dismissal. This is not a new policy. Perhaps some have merely forgotten. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Ms. Fran permit a child to go back to a classroom once dismissal is completed. Please advise your child.