Happy Winter!
Spring is on its way, but it doesn't feel like it yet!
 We had a wonderful class trip to The Cradle of Aviation with the 5th and 6th grades.  Everyone did a great job in the Egg Drop Challenge!
Congratulations to Ania Gromul and Jackie Quinn for winning superstar awards. 

We are writing each day in our Lenten Journals as we prepare for Easter.  The children will be participating in a fun math fundraiser to help the children at St. Jude's Research Hospital for Children.  

6th grade is finishing their unit on Acids and Bases.  Students should study their notes and textbook readings.  Soon we will begin a unit on Force and Motion.

5th grade has been working hard at forecasting the weather and acting as meteorologists.  Soon we will be working on climate and Erosion and Deposition.

Homework Policy-  All homework is posted on the board in the classroom.  Students are instructed and given time to copy the assignment.  Homework is also posted on our class page under calendars.  Homework assignments should always be on time and written neatly with proper grammar and spelling.   
Homework is due the following day unless otherwise noted.  Homework is given often, but not every night.  If no assignment is given, students should be reviewing their class notes or vocabulary terms from their current chapters.   Our free Afterschool Program offers students an opportunity to complete their homework before going home for the day.