***Homework can now be found on the Homework Calendar, by Grade Level.***

September 11-Latitude/Longitude I Worksheet/ STUDY your notes

September 12-Latitude/Longitude II Worksheet/STUDY your notes

September 13-Field Maps Worksheet/STUDY your notes

September 14-Complete 2 worksheets (Field map and Biography) /STUDY your notes

September 15-No HW

September 18-Complete Field Map Worksheets I & II

September 19-No HW

September 20-Complete 2 worksheets on NYS Landscapes

September 21-Complete packet of 3 review worksheets/STUDY for Test Tuesday

September 22- No Class Today, 8th grade Retreat

September 25-STUDY FOR TEST Wednesday

September 26-Complete Practice Test and STUDY your notes and worksheets

September 27-
Unit 1 Test

September 28-NYS Landscape Coloring Lab done during class,
Mrs. DiGiacomo at a Teacher Conference.

September 29-No HW

October 2-

October 3-

October 4-

October 5-

October 6-