Regents Earth Science 8

Welcome to Regents Earth Science!

There will be Barron's Earth Science review Book weekly assignment :
see 8th grade HW Calendar 

 This course is designed to have students in 8th grade class pass the New York State Earth Science Regents in June. 

WHEN the students pass the Regents exam, they will then be given the opportunity bypass Earth Science in high school and move on to higher level science courses.

Because this is a high school course, it will be treated as such. I expect students to be on time, prepared, and organized. I have extremely high expectations for these students because I know they are capable of the challenge.

Each unit will have a notes packet that will be completed in class. Homework will be given on an as needed basis.

In order to take the Regents exam, 30 labs throughout the year must be completed. We will spend one class period a week in the Science Lab completing experiments relating to the content being learned. Formal lab reports will be required and graded as a quiz.

I expect all of my students to participate to their fullest potential when in class. My teaching style reflects independence for the learners - I will foster this independence until it is not longer respected and therefore, adjust my teaching style.

Homework and assignments will be posted on the class page as often as possible. Resources and other handouts will be uploaded as they are given out to students.

Please contact me by email first,, if you should have any questions.  I will respond within 24 hours.