Homework Assignments


  • Homework Assignments will be posted on the Homework Calendar, by Grade.
  • Homework will be given almost every night of the week.
  • Homework on the night before a test will be a Review Sheet.
  • Homework must be completed on time and will be checked for completion during the beginning of the next class period.
  • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any missed homework.

If your child is having trouble with the assignment, please sign the homework and let me know that they have tried the assignment but still need help.  
We will work together to get them the help they need.

Week 1:
Tues Sept 5 - First Day of School/Half Day/Stayed in Homeroom all morning
Thurs Sept 7  - Textbook p. 10 #1-16 EVEN & #24
Fri Sept 8 -No HW

Mon Sept 11   -Textbook p. 17-18 #16-34 EVEN
Tues Sept 12 -Textbook p. 22-24 #2-24 EVEN
Thur Sept 14 -Textbook p. 29-30 #14-20 EVEN & #21/Study for a QUIZ tomorrow
Fri Sept 15 -Textbook p. 40 #1-12

Mon Sept 18 -Textbook p. 41-42#20-30 EVEN
Tues Sept 19 -Textbook p. 47-48 #20-30 EVEN
Thurs Sept 21 -Textbook p. 52-54 #2-28 EVEN

Mon Sept 25 -No HW
Tues Sept 26 -Textbook p. 64 #1-17, 19-23 & 25
Thurs Sept 28 -Hand it packet you complete in class
Fri Sept 29 -No HW

Mon Oct 2 -CoGat Testing during class
Tues Oct 3 -CoGat Testing during class
Thurs Oct 5 -
Fri Oct 6 -