• Homework
  • Given 5 times a week- must be completed on time and will be checked. If your child is having trouble with the assignment please sign the homework and let me know that they have tried the assignment but need help.
  • If absent, it is your responsibility to make up any homework, class work and/or tests.

Third Trimester _____________________________________________________________
May 8- 12


May22- 26

May 24-28

Friday-9/23 : Complete Review Packet for upcoming test

Monday- 9/26:Study for Test Wednesday on the following; Real Numbers, Properties, Order of Operations, absolute value, Integers and Evaluating expressions
Homework: Complete the other half of review packet #2  # 13-22 and 1-6 on back. 

Tuesday-9/27: STUDY FOR TEST - worksheets and notes
Wednesday-9/28: Test- No Homework
Thursday-9/29:  Combine like terms - (10 problems in notebook)
Friday-9/30: Complete combining like terms worksheet

Monday 10/3: Look over test & Beginning 10 pointer due Friday 
Tuesday 10/4: Multiplying Monomials 
Wednesday 10/5: Multiplying Monomials worksheet
Thursday 10/6:  Study for test
Friday 10/7:  Enjoy your weekend

Week of 10/11-10/14
Tuesday 10/11:  Dividing Monomials WS
Wednesday 10/12- Laws of exponents packet

Week of 10/17-10/21
Monday 10/17:Power to a Power Worksheet
Tuesday 10/18: More practice - Power to a Power
Wednesday 10/19: 10 pointer 
Thursday 10/20: Negative and Zero Exponent Worksheet
Friday 10/21: 

Week of 10/24-10/28
Monday:  Writing numbers in Scientific Notation and Standard Form worksheet
Tuesday:  laws of exponents review
Wednesday: Writing numbers in S.N. and standard form
Thursday:Laws of exponents review packet
Friday:Scientific Notation: Quiz Wednesday Laws of Exponents

Week of 10/31-11/4
Monday:Laws of Exponents Quiz Wednesday
Tuesday:No School
Wednesday; Determining of the Scientific notation is written correcting and if not correcting them
Thursday: Determining of the Scientific notation is written correcting and if not correcting them
Friday: Review Laws of Exponents

Week of 11/07-11/11
Monday: Ordering & Comparing Scientific Notation
Tuesday: Math Review packet
Wednesday: Comparing and Multiplying Scientific Notation
Thursday: Dividing Scientific Notation
Friday: No School

Week of 11/14- 11/18
Monday: Adding and Subtracting scientific notation
Tuesday: Review packet on all operations with Scientific notation
Thursday: School Closed
Friday: laws of exponents and Scientific notation

**** Test Tuesday November 22, 2014- Laws of Exponents & Scientific Notation

Monday: Study for Test Tomorrow
Wednesday: Happy Thanksgiving 

Week 11/28-12/2
Monday; Polynomials
Tuesday:Combining Like Terms
Wednesday: Solving one-step equations and two-step equations
Friday: Complete solving equation-combining like terms

Week 12/5-12/9
Monday: Trip no homework
Tuesday:Solve equations with variables on both sides
Wednesday: Solving Rational equation
Thursday: School Closed
Friday: Solving Rational Equation

Week 12/12-12/16
Monday: Translate the verbal equation into an algebraic equation and solve 
Tuesday; Translate the verbal equation into an algebraic equation and solve
Wednesday; Quiz review on solving multi-step equations
Thursday:  Study- 10 pointer due tomorrow
Friday: Quiz on equations

Week 12/19-12/23
Monday; Determining if an equation has one, infinite or no solutions ws
Tuesday:Determining the number of solutions ws
Thursday; Mini Quiz

Week 1/9- 1/13
Monday: Intro to Solving Systems of Equations  WS # 1-10
Tuesday:Solving systems of Equations by substitution 
Wednesday:  Solving systems of Equations by substitution 
Thursday:Solving systems of Equations by substitution 
Friday:Solving systems of equations by Elimination

Week 1/16- 1/20
Monday: Review Packet
Tuesday:Solving system of Equation by elimination (adding)
Wednesday:  Solving systems of Equations by elimination (adding)
Thursday: Systems of Equations word problems
Friday:Systems of equations word problems

Week 1/23- 1/27
Monday: System of Equation word problems
Tuesday: Review Packet on Systems of Equations
Wednesday:  Review for Quiz
Thursday: Quiz

Week 1/30- 2/3
Monday- 1 systems of equation problem
Tuesday- Identifying the Domain and range 
Wednesday-  Relation WS
Thursday- Relation WS # 2
Friday- Identifying a relation is a function

Week 2/6-2/10
Monday: Identifying and representing Functions page 158-159  #'s 1-11