• Homework
  • Given 5 times a week- must be completed on time and will be checked. If your child is having trouble with the assignment please sign the homework and let me know that they have tried the assignment but need help.
  • If absent, it is your responsibility to make up any homework, class work and/or tests.

Third Trimester 

May 8- 12


May22- 26

May 24-28

9/23 : Workbook -page 48-49, #'s 21,24,28-29

Monday- 9/26: WB-page 52 #'s 1- 15
Quiz Tomorrow- Integers ( +,-, x, dividing, & word problems) 

Tuesday-9/27: Fractions & Percents worksheet 
Wednesday-9/28:Page 58 - All & Pg. 61 A- complete table
Thursday-9/29:Complete page 64 All 
Friday-9/30:- Wb
Monday 10/3: Adding rational numbers worksheet all, except 7B
Tuesday 10/4 : Adding Rational Numbers worksheet (front & back)
Wednesday 10/5
:  none
Thursday 10/6: page 69 # 4-8
Friday 10/7:  page 75 # 1- 3, Pg. 76 # 6 and 7, pg. 79 All, and page 80 ALL due Tuesday.

Week 10/11-10/14

Tuesday 10/11:  Page 86 All Multiplying Rational Numbers
Wednesday 10/12:page 91 #7-9, page 92 All, and page 93#22 & 23

Week of 10/17-10/21
Monday 10/17: The Rational Number Project (packet) -due Oct.26
Tuesday 10/18:Work on the The Rational Number Project
Wednesday 10/19: Workbook pages 103-107 All -TEST ON TUESDAY
Thursday 10/20:
Friday 10/21: Rational Number test : Tuesday- Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing rational numbers( fractions, decimals, improper fractions, mixed numbers, and know the rules for integers)

Week of 10/24-10/28
Monday: Test Tomorrow- Study Rational Numbers
Wednesday: Order of Operation worksheet front/back
Thursday: Order of operation activity
Friday:Evaluating Expression worksheet

Week of 10/31-11/4
Monday:Test Corrections & get test signed
Tuesday: No school
Wednesdaytranslating verbal expression to algebraic expression worksheet
Thursday:translating verbal expression to algebraic expression worksheet
(when you see "a number" in the phrase- substitute a any letter of the alphabet) 
Friday: Packet on Order of Operation, Evaluating Expressions, and Translating Expressions[ Quiz Tuesday on these topics)

Week of 11/6-11/11
Monday: Quiz Tomorrow Study
 Tuesday:Quiz Tomorrow - Order of Operation, Evaluating Expression and Translating verbal expression into algebraic expression
Wednesday: Math packet
Thursday: Writing Algebraic expression from Word problems
Friday: Integer Worksheet

Week of 11/14- 11/18
Monday: No Homework
Tuesday: Properties packet & translating verbal expression into algebraic expressions
Thursday: School Closed
Friday: No Math Homework

Week 11/28-12/2
Monday; identifying like terms WS
Tuesday: Identifying the type of polynomial WS
Wednesday: Combining Like terms WS
Thursday: NONE
Friday:Complete packet- distributive property and combining like terms

Week 12/5-12/9
Monday: Distributive Property - WS
Tuesday: Solving One-step equation WS Show all work
Wednesday: Solving One- step equation Quiz Friday
Thursday: School Closed
Friday: Quiz- no homework

Week 12/12-12/16
Monday:Solving one-step equation with rational coefficients WS
Tuesday: solving one-step equation with rational coefficients
Wednesday; Solving two step equations 
Thursday: Solving two step equations with integers, decimals and fractions
Friday:Solving equations using the distributive property WS - 8 problems

Week 12/19-12/23
Monday: Solving Multi-Step Equations
Tuesday: page 197 2 -7, 9-14 solve each but only do checks on odd numbers
Thursday:Quiz - One-step, Two-step and multi-step equations using the distributive property
Friday: HalfDAY

Week 1/9- 1/13

Monday: Solving equations with variables on both sides #1-11 & 13
Tuesday:Solving equations with variables on both sides ws
Wednesday:Equation word problems
Thursday:Equation word problems
Friday: closed

Week 1/16- 1/20
Monday: Literal equation packet
Tuesday:Solving literal equation ws
Wednesday: Review packet for Quiz
Thursday: review for quiz
Friday: Quiz

Week 1/23- 1/27
Monday: Intro to inequalities
Tuesday: Solving one-step inequality
Friday: Complete Math  Packet ( previous topics)

Week 1/30- 2/3
Monday: None- review one-step inequalities
Tuesday: page 220 #'s 2-5 and page 122 #'s 8-18
Wednesday:page 223 #'s 1-6 & 9-14
Friday:Inequality Packet

Week 2/6-2/10
Monday: Solving inequality word problems WS (front & Back)
Tuesday: workbook page 215 # 7 - 14