• Homework
  • Given 5 times a week- must be completed on time and will be checked. If your child is having trouble with the assignment please sign the homework and let me know that they have tried the assignment but need help.
  • If absent, it is your responsibility to make up any homework, class work and/or tests.

Third Trimester 

March 27-30
Monday: Read & answer question on page 180-185 Workbook
Tuesday :  Advance in Genetics Worksheet (Review, Reinforce * lesson quiz)
Wednesday: None
Thursday: Two worksheets
Friday: Chapter 5 - Assessment page 186-188 and define each vocabulary in the chapter 

April 3- 7
Monday:  LAB  Worksheet "What do Fingerprints reveal?" Complete both sides
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: None
Thursday:  DNA : The Code of Life Chapter Test A packet due tomorrow
 Science Test Tuesday- Chapter 5

9/23 : Test: metric system, scientific method, lab equipment, and lab safety- no homework

Week of 10/11-10/14: Workbook  read pages 12-17 and answer questions in the book. Please remember Field Trip Monday- Adventure Land and to buy index cards
Tuesday-9/27:Finish Vocabulary - define - in notebook and index
Wednesday-9/28: Lesson 2: Classifying Life: read and answer question on page 18-22
Thursday-9/29: Complete Classification of Salamander worksheet * get test singed 
Friday-9/30: Please make flashcards for lesson 1 & 2 vocabulary words ( They are highlighted in yellow in workbook) for Monday
- Complete Review and Reinforce Worksheets: What is Life ? & Classifying Life?
Monday 10/3: Quiz tomorrow on chapter 1: lesson 1 & 2 STUDY
Tuesday 10/4:  Bacteria Counts worksheet
Wednesday 10/5: Lesson 3 : Domains and Kingdoms- read and answer questions
Thursday 10/6: Take notes on Lesson 3 in your notebook and make vocabulary flashcards.
Friday 10/7:  Enjoy your weekend.

Week of 10/11-10/14
Tuesday 10/11: Respond to the questions on page 30-33 in workbook.
Wednesday 10/12: none
Friday 10/14- Take notes on Lesson 4 in your notebook- Tuesday Quiz - Lesson 3 & 4 (open notebook)
Complete Adventureland Packet- Do only the first two rides

Week of 10/17-10/21
Monday 10/17: Quiz tomorrow- open notebook on lesson 3 & 4 in chapter 1
Tuesday 10/18:Quiz
Wednesday 10/19: Dichotomous key Project [ guide for classification and identification of a living organism] Due October 28
Thursday 10/20:
Friday 10/21: Read and answer question in workbook for chapter 2 : Lesson 1: page 46-53.

Week of 10/24-10/28
Monday: Dictotomous Key due Friday & Think of Science Fair Project
Tuesday: Discovering Cells packet
Wednesday: science project due Friday
Thursday: Project Due Tomorrow
Friday: Read and Answer Question on pages 54-63 in workbook

Week of 10/31-11/4
Monday: Create flashcards for 9 out of 17 vocabulary words in Chapter 2-lesson 1
Tuesday:No school
Wednesday:Notes on Intro to cell structure
Thursday: Intro to Cell WS
Friday: Crossword on Cell Parts and Function

Week of 11/7-11/11
Monday: Study for Quiz Tomorrow- Plant Cell/Animal Cell Parts and Functions
Tuesday; Chapter 2: Lesson 3- Read and Answer Questions
Wednesday: packet on Lesson 3
Friday:No School

Week of 11/14- 11/18
Monday: Science Fair Project Background Information Due Tomorrow-typed
Tuesday: Finish reading and answering questions in Chapter 3- Lesson 4
Thursday: School Closed
Friday: Complete pages 76-79 in workbook

Week 11/28-12/2
Wednesday: Chapter 4, Lesson 1- read and answer questions
Thursday: None
Friday: Third part of science fair project due Tuesday

Week 12/5-12/9
Monday: no homework
Tuesday:Chapter 3: lesson 1: Photosynthesis (read & answer questions) 
Wednesday: Photosynthesis- take your own notes of lesson and study for quiz on Friday
Thursday: School Closed
Friday: Quiz- Enrich WS homework

Week 12/12-12/16
Monday: Finish Osmosis Lab- gave back quiz on Photosynthesis 
Tuesday:  hand in the Third part of science fair project
Friday: Chapter 3- lesson 3 Cellular respiration - read and answer questions- take notes

12/13- 12/26
Monday: No Homework
Tuesday: Packet on Cellular respiration 
Thursday: Quiz Chapter 3- lesson 1 & 2

Week 1/9- 1/13
Monday:  Cell Division WS page 110- 113
Tuesday:Complete Lab
Wednesday: study guide & review assessment page 110
Thursday: Video- Cell Processes and Energy
Friday: closed

Week 1/16- 1/20
Monday:  Chapter 3 - Enrichment worksheet
Tuesday:  Lesson quiz 
Wednesday: Chapter 3= study Guide & assessment

Week 1/23- 1/27
Monday:  Chapter 4- lesson 1 : What is Heredity? Read
Tuesday:Chapter 4- lesson 1 : What is Heredity? answer questions in wb
Wednesday: Presentations
Thursday: Presentation
Friday: March for Life

Week 1/30- 2/3
Monday:  Lesson 2:
Probability & Heredity- read and answer questions in workbook pages 128-133.
Wednesday: Take notes on Probability & Heredity lesson ( define key vocabulary)
Thursday:  Punnett Square WS
Friday:  Punnett Sqaure Ws

Week 2/6-2/10
Monday: Punnett Square Worksheet