Homework Policy
In this class, homework is very important as it is part of the curriculum. 

To receive full credit for homework that I check, students must have at the very least showed an attempt at each question of the homework problems I have given them. 
If any problems do not show an attempt or are missed (students must be thorough to do all questions assigned to them), the student will not receive credit for completing homework that day.  
They have until the end of the school day to show me a completed homework for half credit. (If the class is after lunch, they have until the next day).  

As per school rules, any homework that is completely blank will result in the student receiving a Green Slip on top of missing credit for that homework.

Any student that is absent is responsible for missed work and notes.  They have until the day after they return to school to show me their homework for full credit (so if student is absent Monday, they must show me the homework by Wednesday).