All Saints Day Presentation

All Saints Day Presentation

Who: Kindergarten and 1st grade

What time: 10:00 am

When: Wednesday, October 31st

Where: Parish Hall


Kindergarten and 1st grade will be putting on an All Saints Day presentation with the assistance of their school buddies. This is a school tradition that our little ones get to put on for their families and the whole school.

The All Saints Day presentation is split up into two parts; the home project and the school presentation. Going home will be a form that must be completed about your child’s saint. This is a simple form of 4 questions. Please assist your child in finding information about their assigned saint and a picture. The form and picture are due no later than Monday, October 15th.

Part two of the project will be the presentation held on Tuesday, October 31st. Students are to come to school regular school time 7:30, dressed as their assigned saint. Saint attire is simple, please do not go out and spend a lot of money. The costume should resemble something that your saint would wear and can be made up through your child’s wardrobe. Saint costume is also due on Monday, October 15th along with saint form and picture.   At 10:00 am, the whole school along with our families will gather in the Parish Hall to celebrate All Saints Day. At the end of our presentation, students will gather on the stage for photos. Afterwards, parents will be asked to leave and all students will return to classes.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Miss Perez J